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For your convenience, we've grouped the questions into two categories. Click a specific question to read our most current response. Note that these are our most current responses, but are subject to change without notice.

General Questions

  1. Where are The Metro Condominiums located?
  2. Where is the Downtown Real Estate Gallery located?
  3. How many units will The Metro Condominiums have?
  4. When will The Metro Condominiums be completed?
  5. Will some of the condos be available to move into before the entire building is done?
  6. Who do I contact for information on zoning requirements and restrictions for businesses?
  7. Does The Metro Condominiums have a security system?
  8. Will there be guest parking in the parking structure?
  9. What are the parking arrangements?
  10. How many parking stalls will be assigned to each condominium?
  11. Will there be owner storage at The Metro?
  12. Is there a clubhouse at The Metro Condominiums?
  13. Will there be a swimming pool at The Metro?
  14. Will there be a hot tub at The Metro?
  15. Can I make changes to my floor plan?
  16. Will I be able to choose paint, carpet, or upgrades in appliances and other interior features?
  17. What appliances are included with each unit?
  18. Will The Metro Condominiums accept backup reservations on units?
  19. Is The Metro Condominiums handicapped accessible?
  20. What systems are being installed for telephone, TV, Internet Access and Security?
  21. Does The Metro Condominiums allow pets?
  22. Are there laundry facilities?
  23. Is public transit easily accessible?
  24. Where are the public schools near The Metro Condominiums?

Pricing Plan, Financing &
Purchase Contract Questions

  1. How does the pricing plan work?
  2. What factors determine the pricing per square foot in The Metro?
  3. Will there be any "Escalation Clauses" in the Purchase Contract to protect the developer against future price increases while constructing The Metro?
  4. What kind of special financing is available for The Metro Condominiums?
  5. Are buyers required to use The Metro’s preferred lender, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, for financing?
  6. What advantage will Wells Fargo offer that other mortgage lenders will not be able to provide?
  7. Do you have financing assistance for low-income households?
  8. Will I be able to negotiate the pricing of a unit, the upgrades, or any other terms of the contract if buying a condo at the Sales Event?
  9. Will I be allowed to assign any or all of my interest in a condo to another party once I am under contract to purchase but before I close on the transaction?
  10. After The Metro is complete and I have purchased my condo, will there be any restrictions against me then selling the condo to someone else?
  11. Will the developer of The Metro agree to participate in a tax-deferred 1031 Exchange when I purchase my condo?
  12. Can my upgrades be included in the mortgage so that I am able to finance my upgrade costs?
  13. Will I be allowed to do any of the upgrades on my own or hire my own subcontractor to work on the condo?
  14. As a Priority Reservation Holder, will I be able to mail in my “order” if unable to attend the Sales Event?