General Questions

Where are The Metro Condominiums located?

Immediately north of the City Centre (Chamber of Commerce) Office Building at 350 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

The mailing address for The Metro is:

PO Box 450, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-0450

The Phone Number for The Metro is: (801) 257.0777

The Fax Number for The Metro is: (801) 257.0097

Where is the Downtown Real Estate Gallery located?

At 57 East Gallivan Avenue, which is at 260 South between State Street and Main Street.

The mailing address for the Downtown Real Estate Gallery is:

PO Box 450, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-0450

The Phone Number for the Downtown Real Estate Gallery is: (801) 257.0777

The Fax Number for the Downtown Real Estate Gallery is: (801) 257.0097

How many units will The Metro Condominiums have?

117 total units, as follows:

  • 20 three-bedroom condos
  • 55 two-bedroom condos
  • 19 one-bedroom condos
  • 19 studio condos
  • • 4 "Live/Work" units with street-level office/retail space and second-level residential space (interior stairway in each, with direct access from each level into secured parking structure)

When will The Metro Condominiums be completed?

Anticipated project completion is currently scheduled for between April and July, 2008. Our most likely month for completion is June. This schedule is primarily dependent on the severity of weather over the course of this coming winter, with the range in dates reflecting this effect. We will update this section as completion dates change or become more “firm.”

Will some of the condos be available to move into before the entire building is done?

No. Due to “life safety” issues in constructing this project, we will not be able to occupy any units in the building before all are habitable.

Who do I contact for information on zoning requirements and restrictions for businesses?

Salt Lake Building and Zoning at (801) 535-6436.

Does The Metro Condominiums have a security system?

Yes. The lobby and parking structure (garage door) will be accessed using a magnetic card swipe system in common use today. Condominium units will not come with security systems installed, but owners will be able to have security systems installed at their expense once they move in.

For guests, a traditional telephone “buzz-in” system will be used so the resident can remotely provide access to the lobby to their guests.

Will there be guest parking in the parking structure?

No. There are security risks associated with allowing access to the parking structure for non-residents. All parking stalls are assigned to the residential (and Live/Work) units in the building.

What are the parking arrangements?

All parking stalls are individually assigned and marked.

How many parking stalls will be assigned to each condominium?

At least one assigned parking stall within the enclosed structure will be assigned to each unit. We include a second assigned stall with each of the three-bedroom and Live/Work units in the building, and most two-bedroom units come with a second assigned parking stall.

Will there be owner storage at The Metro?

Yes. We will provide one lockable on-site storage space for each unit in the building, and have included the cost of owner storage units in the purchase price of each condo.

Is there a clubhouse at The Metro Condominiums?

Yes. We are creating a fully-furnished Club Room on the 3rd Level of the building, which will face west and have direct access to the Landscaped Plaza level for residents and their guests.

Will there be a swimming pool at The Metro?

No. Since 90% of a pool’s use is often by 10% of the residents in a building such as this, we have opted not to add this expense to the Homeowner’s Association and its members.

Will there be a hot tub at The Metro?

Yes. We have designed one into The Metro's 3rd Level Plaza Landscaping. We will also have a permanently installed Bar-B-Q area built into the west side of the 3rd Level Owner's Plaza landscaping.

Can I make changes to my floor plan?

We have designated a portion of the larger units in the building as “swing” units, which means that we will be able to open up certain walls leading into the living room areas from one of the bedrooms (not the Master Bedroom), which will allow this often unused bedroom to become a useful home office/library instead, with a simple opening between the two spaces.

There is an added cost for making these changes, which are engineered into the overall building structure already and the incremental cost is nominal. More importantly, our structural integrity is not compromised since this is an engineered feature of the building.

Following construction of The Metro, the C,C&Rs will permit limited modifications to certain unit interiors, but such changes will be limited in scope in order to ensure the integrity of the entire building and protect owners’ investments.

Will I be able to choose paint, carpet, or upgrades in appliances and other interior features?

In order to maintain our construction schedule and volume discounts on finish items base level and upgrade finishes have already been selected for all unsold condos by the Developer. Contact the [DREG LINK] for information and pricing on any particular condo’s finishes or upgrades.

What appliances are included with each unit?

Dishwasher, Gas Range/Oven, Range Hood and an In-Sink Disposal.

We are also offering as upgrades Refrigerators, Microwaves and Washer/Dryer packages to match the appliances already in the unit, which have been negotiated at volume discounts from area suppliers. The cost of these packages can customarily be built into one's unit purchase price and financed through the mortgage.

Will The Metro Condominiums accept backup purchase contracts on units that are already “Sold” (show as “Pending” on website) in case the current buyer fails to close on the purchase?

No. We recommend visiting The Metro’s website, which is continuously updated with available inventory and pricing, to find out if any Pending unit you are interested in has come back on the market. If a sold condo falls “out of contract” then it will be re-posted on this website as “Available” and sold to the next qualifying buyer (e.g., one that executes our purchase contract and deposits the required earnest money and, if any, upgrade funds).

Is The Metro Condominiums handicapped accessible?

Yes, all units are designed as ADA Type B compliant, and three of these units are fully accessible and will be built to be ADA Type A compliant.

What systems are being installed for telephone, TV, Internet Access and Security?

We will wire The Metro and all units for landline telephone/fax, cable television (Comcast) and broadband internet (Comcast or DSL). Owners will be able to have security systems installed in their condos once they take Possession from the developer, at the owner's expense.

We are also planning on offering upgrades to each condo buyer home entertainment and audio/video systems that will include the pre-wiring for these systems by our subcontractors.

Does The Metro Condominiums allow pets?

Yes, with some restrictions related to excessive noise and maintenance issues. Refer to Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) when they become available.

Are there laundry facilities?

Each unit has laundry hookups for side-by-side or stackable washer and dryer, depending on floorplan and utility room configuration. Although most residents will use electric dryers, we are also stubbing each laundry room with a natural gas fitting in the event one wants to connect a gas-fed dryer. No common area laundry facilities will be provided in the building.

Is public transit easily accessible?

Yes, the bus and TRAX light rail are within one block of front entrance to The Metro Condominiums.

Where are the public schools near The Metro Condominiums?

Elementary School: Lincoln Elementary
1090 Roberta Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
(801) 578-8180

Middle School: Bryant Intermediate
40 South 800 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
(801) 578-8118

High School: East High School
840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
(801) 583-1661