The Building

More than just a pretty face

Derived from the project name, the landscape design is based on abstract metro train maps and the metro as a movement of people.

Entering along 200 East, the passersby and residents will be welcomed by this theme reflected in the paving pattern at the entrance and the pattern and movement of the “metro lights” in the open glass fašade of the lobby and stair tower. Metro lights will be driven by the passersby with motion sensors as they walk by the retail street frontage. The passersby will be part of the art and will cause the “metro lights” to come alive and change in pattern, color and frequency.

Plaza Level (3rd Floor)

Landscaping sketch

In addition to the streetscape, the Metro Condominiums includes a rooftop plaza located on the third floor, allowing the residents to escape into an oasis in the middle of downtown Salt Lake. There they will find the metro motif in the plaza paving pattern, as well as a lawn, raised planters, a hot tub and a barbecue grill with an overhead trellis.

During the night the plaza will come alive; the pattern in the plaza will be accented with lights under the glass pavers. The Metro will be an interest not only for the residents but for the whole downtown as it interacts with the city and its movement of people.