It's a two-fer

With a Metro condo you'll be feeling good AND saving some cash at the same time.

The Metro Condominiums’ energy-efficient architecture and mechanical systems help reduce pollution, conserve valuable resources and save you money by cutting energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Residents will benefit greatly over time from the Developer’s decision to replace typically designed HVAC systems for this type of structure with a significantly more efficient “central plant” heating and cooling system design. Anticipated design life is extended from approximately ten to approximately twenty-five years. Recent advances in metering system technology allow for reliable, cost-effective and accurate billing of individual units’ hot and cold air, and hot water usage.

Our condos are also designed to take full advantage of natural light so you won’t have to turn on the lights as frequently. Low-E coated double pane windows for high-heat exposure help keep interiors cool and comfortable. And we have specified the latest generation of energy and water efficient appliances, lighting, heating and cooling systems into all units.